Four Words That Broke My Heart

When it comes to addiction, enabling is one of the most dangerous things friends and family can do for the addict. It’s often mistaken as love, kindness, caring, protecting, etc. … Continue readingFour Words That Broke My Heart

My Biggest Regret

This is a tough one, my biggest regret in high school. Don’t get your hopes up. It isn’t that dramatic. I never killed anyone or allowed something to happen that … Continue readingMy Biggest Regret


Welcome back to the Terror Dome! I have been a writing fiend this week. My parents are doing really poorly and processing out some of my history has been incredibly … Continue readingLOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!

Open mouth, insert foot

Oh high school, the teen drama. Will Billy ask me to prom? Is Susie wearing the same shirt as me? Who has the answer’s for tomorrow’s math quiz?  You gotta … Continue readingOpen mouth, insert foot

(S)Mothering my mother

Where to start? Can’t think of a better place than the beginning. Need to lay the foundation to help us get acquainted better. Growing up, I thought my parents were … Continue reading(S)Mothering my mother

Why so Anonymous?

^Heath Ledger Voice^ When I tell you I grew up in an alcoholic home, what are you picturing? Maybe you are making some assumptions, maybe you aren’t. I won’t take … Continue readingWhy so Anonymous?