Everyone Experiences Trauma Differently

Two sons grow up in a home with an alcoholic father. One son becomes an alcoholic. One son doesn’t drink at all. When you ask the alcoholic son why he … Continue readingEveryone Experiences Trauma Differently

Unsolicited Advice

When you love someone with addiction, people LOVE to give you their unsolicited advice. They’ve seen the movies depicting addiction, they’ve read the news articles about drug use, and they … Continue readingUnsolicited Advice

Holidays Aren’t Always Jolly

When living with/loving an addict, the holidays aren’t always so jolly. Whether it be Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, or Mother’s Day, the stress levels have risen which puts them at … Continue readingHolidays Aren’t Always Jolly

Projecting Insecurities

Who loves to feel powerless over their insecurities??? Oh me, me, me! Said no one ever. Everyone has something they feel insecure about. I don’t care how confident you are. … Continue readingProjecting Insecurities

Meet my Family, the Dysfunctionals

Introducing your new special someone to your family can be incredibly stressful. Not only do you want your family to like them but you also want all embarrassment from your … Continue readingMeet my Family, the Dysfunctionals

Coping by Not Coping

Who doesn’t love an embarrassing story from high school? I have plenty. If you have read any of my previous posts, you are familiar with my style of inserting my … Continue readingCoping by Not Coping

My Breaking Point

Writing about my parents’ alcoholism has been incredibly therapeutic. I love sharing with people and I love hearing their stories. What a comfort to know that we aren’t alone. Its … Continue readingMy Breaking Point

Pass the Percocets

My mom has never gotten sober and she never will. I have made peace with that but my siblings and dad have not. That’s their problem, most of the year, … Continue readingPass the Percocets

Have You Seen my Mom?

If my life had a movie reel, this would be one of my top ten most angering scenes. The kind that makes you take a deep breath before you talk … Continue readingHave You Seen my Mom?

Cook and Run

Before we leave high school me, there’s one more story that just needs to be told. It isn’t that profound but HOLY MOLY was it embarrassing. After accepting to go … Continue readingCook and Run