Family Roles

We all play a role in our family. When addiction or dysfunctional characteristics come into the mix, roles change.¬†Susan Hanson wrote a book called Tools for your Toolbox. In it, … Continue readingFamily Roles

Secrets, Addiction’s Best Friend

How many secrets can we keep when we love someone struggling with addiction? There’s no limit. We keep hundreds. We keep THOUSANDS. We don’t keep track because that would drive … Continue readingSecrets, Addiction’s Best Friend

You’re Still You

When you love someone struggling with addiction, you can feel like you are losing yourself. Your life starts to revolve around their addiction. You feel like the special parts that … Continue readingYou’re Still You

Pain Snobs

You know when you tell a story about a struggle you have been through and the person you are talking to has to top your misery? You share that you … Continue readingPain Snobs

Never too Late for Help

What is it about asking for help that makes it so hard? Fear of judgment? Perhaps. Worry about rejection? Sometimes. Laziness? Possibly. Feeling hopeless? It can be. Whatever the reason, … Continue readingNever too Late for Help

Setting Boundaries

If you were raised by an alcoholic or if you love someone suffering from addiction, at some point you have struggled with boundaries. Why? Because an alcoholic or an addict … Continue readingSetting Boundaries