Returning 2018!

This year has been one of the best years of my life. That may seem surprising considering how poorly my mother’s sobriety is going (or not going at all). I … Continue readingReturning 2018!

The Hurricane of Addiction

The Eye of the Hurricane Have you ever been in a hurricane? I have. Small ones and big ones. The rain starts slowly and the wind begins to pick up. … Continue readingThe Hurricane of Addiction

Do NOT Eat the Potato Chips!

Have you ever gotten completely upset about the most ridiculous thing? In reality, you  are just not addressing a much bigger issue? Just me? Well this weekend, I had my … Continue readingDo NOT Eat the Potato Chips!

Humor Me

Let us delve into the deep realms of possibility that our loved ones will never get sober… What would this mean for you to accept that concept? What would it … Continue readingHumor Me