Guilt vs. Hope

When you love someone who is hurting and you feel like there is something you can do to ease their pain, you either do it or you don’t (and you … Continue readingGuilt vs. Hope

My Boundaries Turned into Walls

Wikipedia defines Claustrophobia as “the fear of being enclosed in a small space or room and unable to escape.” Boundaries are meant to make us feel safe but they can often … Continue readingMy Boundaries Turned into Walls

That is Not my Job

Some days you come across people who think addiction is a moral failing. That person thinks and maybe says “Why can’t they just not drink?” or “Cancer is a true … Continue readingThat is Not my Job

Fast Food Version of Self-Care

Some days I am starving, short on cash, and in a rush. Arby’s to the rescue! Chick-fil-a if I am feeling “fancy”. I can even eat something greasy from McDonald’s … Continue readingFast Food Version of Self-Care

The Pain of Letting Go

Sometimes it can feel dangerous for us to not know what is going on with our loved ones. We use this as an excuse to disregard boundaries. As long as … Continue readingThe Pain of Letting Go

If Love Could Get Them Sober

I would love to just experience one emotion at a time. Is that possible? Can I ever just be angry without sadness following? Can I ever be happy without feeling … Continue readingIf Love Could Get Them Sober

Tough Love and The Addict

We’ve been using punishment to try to treat a condition that is defined by its resistance to punishment.-Maia Szalavitz Due to the addiction that runs in my family, researching articles … Continue readingTough Love and The Addict

When People See Through the Bologna

Everyone has a self-defense mechanism when people start approaching a subject that makes them uncomfortable. For some people it is denial, others repression, and for me it is humor. There … Continue readingWhen People See Through the Bologna

New Year, New Kind of Hope

For years, my hope at the beginning of a new year, was that she would get sober. I could just picture our family healing, bonding, and doing normal family things … Continue readingNew Year, New Kind of Hope

Returning 2018!

This year has been one of the best years of my life. That may seem surprising considering how poorly my mother’s sobriety is going (or not going at all). I … Continue readingReturning 2018!

The Hurricane of Addiction

The Eye of the Hurricane Have you ever been in a hurricane? I have. Small ones and big ones. The rain starts slowly and the wind begins to pick up. … Continue readingThe Hurricane of Addiction

Do NOT Eat the Potato Chips!

Have you ever gotten completely upset about the most ridiculous thing? In reality, you  are just not addressing a much bigger issue? Just me? Well this weekend, I had my … Continue readingDo NOT Eat the Potato Chips!